Summer Fixe Wine Pairings: Shrimp Diavolo

The Perfect Shrimp Diavolo Wine Pairing

This summer we’re featuring our Summer Fixe menu, 3 meals, 3 courses, 3 choices, starting at $14.99. You get to choose from the following salads, entrées & individual desserts:


BRAVO! Chopped Salad
Caesar Classica
Insalata Della Casa


Pasta Woozie
Chicken Milanese
Shrimp Diavolo


BRAVO!’s Cannoli Crumble
Vanilla Bean Creme Brûlée
Warm Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie

While you’re busy choosing your perfect Summer Fixe, we’ll share with you the perfect wine to pair with each meal. Today, we’re pairing Shrimp Diavolo with Torre di Luna Pinot Grigio.


Keeping in mind that we want to find a wine that doesn’t overpower this dish and vice versa, we want to definitely avoid red wine. Not only would red wine completely overpower Shrimp Diavolo, but it tends to taste rather metallic with shellfish. I think we all can agree that is NOT what we’re trying to accomplish. We want something that will complement the flavors of the shrimp and the spiciness of this dish. We think the perfect wine to pair with Shrimp Diavolo is Torre di Luna Pinto Grigio.

torre di luna 2

Pinto Grigio has the classic flavor of yellow pears and is fairly neutral, so it allows the bold flavors of the Shrimp Diavolo to stand out. According to Torre di Luna’s tasting notes, it is “Straw yellow with green highlights. Delicate aromas of pear with floral hints. Dry and full-bodied, discrete aromatic persistence and a pleasant aftertaste.” (via Torre di Luna) Sounds like the perfect match for Shrimp Diavolo.

Don’t forget to try our Summer Fixe Menu before it’s too late!


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