Together, We Can Feed the Future


Bravo! has teamed up with No Kid Hungry and thousands of other restaurants nationwide to help raise $11 million this September! For each dollar donated, No Kid Hungry can provide 10 meals for hungry children. Last year, we raised $150,000 or 1.5 million meals for children in need. This year, our goal is to raise at least $200,000, or 2 million meals! All of the money raised will directly benefit the No Kid Hungry campaign and it’s work connecting kids at risk of hunger with nutritious food as well as educating their families on how to cook healthy, affordable meals.

Every donation counts! When you dine at Bravo! and donate $5 or more to No Kid Hungry, we will give you $5 toward your next purchase of $15 or more at Bravo! through October 31st. Also, for each person who joins our loyalty program, Eat, Repeat Reward from September 7-27th, Bravo! will donate $1 to No Kid Hungry, up to $5,000. You can also donate to No Kid Hungry directly:

Please watch this video and share it with your friends! Together, we can #MakeADifference and make sure that no more children go hungry!

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