Savory Summer Nights. More Than a Menu.


Savory Summer Nights is more than just a name. It evokes memories, awakens taste buds and reminds us why enduring the harsh winter is always worth it. Three words that, when put together, describe our passion at Bravo perfectly.


There are many ways to describe the word “savory”. Some may say it’s the “opposite of sweet”. Others may claim that it means “full of delicious flavor and taste”. What we can all agree on, however, is that our menu provides an abundance of both. We’re looking at you, Crab Crusted Salmon.


It’s more than just the hottest season of the year. It has something for everyone. Summer is baseball games with your buddies, a spontaneous road trip to an unknown destination or even just a last minute dinner on the terrace. And just like summer, Bravo’s new Savory Summer Nights menu has something for everyone. Seafood lover? Try our Shrimp Scampi Pasta. Giving in to your sweet tooth? The new Cookie Butter Blondie mixes sweet and savory.


Summers are not complete without those famous, and sometimes legendary, summer nights. The ones that tie up a perfect day at the lake, with a bonfire near the water, or that neighborhood party down the street you look forward to every year. Now add a night on the patio at Bravo to that list and your summer is complete (our new Italian Mule is the perfect companion).

Our Savory Summer Nights is more than just a menu; it’s an experience. The kind of experience you don’t want to miss. Learn more on our website.

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