Sauce is Boss

Allow us to get saucy for Pasta Month. With all the combinations, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with what pasta and sauce make the perfect pair. Lucky for you, Bravo’s very own Founding Chef Phil Yandolino is here to break it down.

Textured Pasta — Textured pasta, such as penne rigate or rigatoni, has ridges that harbor and absorb sauce. The Pasta Bravo with rigatoni, grilled chicken and mushrooms features a red pepper cream sauce that works well with the pasta, because of the cream-based sauce.

String Pasta — Because string pasta does not have the texture nor nooks that other pasta shapes have, it pairs well with creamy sauces that stick to the pasta. The Linguine Carbonara, made with white wine and cream, binds to the noodles and absorbs the flavor.

Shaped Pasta — Shaped pasta offers nooks and crannies, which are perfect places for sauce to reside. The Pasta Fra Diavolo has a spicy tomato cream sauce that gets stuck inside the campanelle, a trumpet-shaped pasta. The flavor of sauce is incorporated in every bite.

Filled Pasta — Filled pasta ingredients must pair well with the sauce. The Lobster Ravioli Alla Vodka, for example, needs a delicate scampi sauce to let the seafood flavors shine. Remember, the sauce can’t overpower the filling.

Check out our chefs making these craveable combinations during Pasta Month at Bravo.

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