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  1. how to make the spicy linguini scallop dish i had at bravo in robinson twp. it is fantanic. my wife and i have great service and great meals.


  2. Had the opportunity to enjoy Exec Chef Smitty’s wine tasting dinner last Monday (9/21/15)…to say it was wonderful would be an understatement! From appetizer (wine), salad (wine) to the main course (red wine) it was all first class.
    The entrΓ©e presentation was a work of art. Frenched lambchops (perfectly seasoned and cooked to a blush of pink)
    sweet potato puree (really good) and white asparagus spoke to itself. Dessert…strawberry tiramisu…what can I say!
    I would like to add, I’ve been blessed to eat at 5 star restaurants around the world so in my 80’s I’m no novice to food,
    Add to that our family members are great/good cooks…..yesterday we did an Oktober Fest to 40 people and no compaints. I mention that because my final statement is…..that was the best seasoned and cooked lamb I can remember enjoying! Thank you Smitty and of course the staff. I hope there will be repeats…M.M.

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